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Pre-Designed Cake Orders close 48h-72h before the date, unless fully booked. Custom Cakes: 1-2 weeks notice

Testing Product

From R 935

These are the grown-up version of our Minigram cakes. These are packaged in our beautiful clear boxes, on a white cake board and offers more flavours and customization options.

The size below is the diameter of the cake.

Short cakes are 13cm in height, medium cakes are 16cm in height, tall cakes are 24cm in height.


Additional information

Cake Size

13cm short (6-10 portions), 15cm short (10-16 portions), 18cm short (14-23 portions), 20cm short (17-28 portions), 23cm short (23-38 portions), 13cm medium (8-13 portions), 15cm medium (12-20 portions), 18cm medium (17-28 portions), 20cm medium (20-33 portions), 23cm medium (27-45 portions), 13cm tall (10-15 portions), 15cm tall (15-24 portions), 18cm tall (20-32 portions), 20cm tall (30-50 portions), 23cm tall (41-69 portions)

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