What makes Honey Bee Baker unique?

At Honey Bee Baker, our aim is simple elegance. Our customers understand that we require a certain level of artistic freedom when it comes to cake design.

Standard American buttercream (butter creamed with icing sugar) does not exist in our kitchen. Instead we use beautiful Swiss meringue buttercream which is smooth, delectable and not overly sweet.

Furthermore, we don’t do unsightly uncovered cake boards. If needed your celebration cake will be placed on a beautiful silver or gold board that does not distract from the elegance of our creation. (See our online shop for examples – most wedding cakes don’t need this board).

We work with you to determine the right portions size, because we hate to see our delicious cakes go to waste.

How do I order?

Have a look at our Shop section first, to see if there is something you like, then follow the instructions. Otherwise, see the next question.

What is the best way to enquire about/order a custom cake?

Visit our Contact page. There is a list of questions we need/prefer to have answered before we can give you a quote. Answering all of the questions will save us all a lot of time. However, don’t hesitate if you don’t have all the info yet. Alternatively, drop us a mail. We don’t take orders through Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp, email works best.

How does the payment work?

For cakes ordered through our Shop section: full payment is required within 7 days of your booking, or immediately if order is placed within 7 days of delivery/collection.

For custom orders: R500 save the date deposit as soon as possible. Without this deposit, we cannot book your date. (This is non-refundable in case of a cancellation)

The rest of the payment details will be stipulated on your quote and/or contract. Please note that full payment is required at least two weeks before your collection/delivery, honouring our payment schedule will save us a very awkward phone call.

When is my order confirmed?

As soon as we received your deposit (and a signed contract for custom orders) your date will be booked. We will send you an invoice to confirm this. You should be concerned if you have not received an invoice, please mail us immediately.

I cannot pay the deposit now, but I definitely want to use you, can I pay you later?

Unfortunately, your date will not be booked unless your save the date deposit is paid. No exceptions. You are welcome to delay the payment, but please check back with us before paying, to make sure we are still available for your date.

Will you deliver and setup at our venue?

Yes, we deliver within a reasonable distance. We do the setup for weddings at your venue. Smaller orders do require pick up.

What is your portion size?

We offer small (2.5cm x 2.5cm), medium (2.5cm x 5cm) and large (3.8cm x 5cm) portions. Consider the height of the cake to determine the actual amount of cake your guests will be served. All cakes in our Shop section are based on medium to large portions.

I hate dry sponge cake, what can I expect when I order from you?

Most customers are surprised by how deliciously moist our bakes are. We apologies on behalf of the baking community that you have had to go through such a terrible experience as eating dry cake. At least you never have to go through that again! 🙂

Could you write Happy Birthday on the cake?

No. We refrain from doing any writing on the cake since it distracts from the elegant style we aim for. Please order a cake topper, at least 3 weeks in advance, with the message you require, when placing your order.

What is the best way to handle and store my cake once I received it?

All our creations prefer a cool environment and flat sturdy surfaces. Transport the cake on a flat surface (not your car seat) and turn on your air-conditioning, especially on a hot day. Do not leave any cake or cupcakes in direct sunlight, as it will definitely be ruined. Cakes should be stored in a cool place. Buttercream cakes can be stored in the fridge and be taken out about an hour or two before serving.

Do you do sugar flowers and fondant figures?

Unfortunately, not. We prefer working with fresh flowers and fun but classy cake toppers. If you order from us, we assume it is because you like our style of decorating. We do however outsource certain designs for kids parties.

I have an allergy, should I tell you about it?

YES!! Please tell us BEFORE you order. It is very important for us not to poison you. Please take into consideration that your guests might also have allergies.

We work in a kitchen where nuts, eggs and other allergens are used, cross contamination cannot be avoided completely. Most of our frostings contains egg as a base.

Can I provide you with a cake topper of my choice?

Certainly, providing it is classy and fits with the overall design of the cake. We do not regard a cake topper of a bride dragging a groom to the altar classy. Please check out the Weddings section as to why.

How far ahead should I order?

As soon as possible, but not more than 9 months ahead. Because of uncertainty of input costs and availability, we cannot quote that far ahead. For wedding cakes 3 – 6 months ahead is good. For celebration cakes, about 3 weeks, even though earlier is better. But please don’t hesitate to contact us anyway.

Do you have a shopfront where I can go to taste your bakes?

At the moment, we are operating online, so no shopfront. But check out our Weddings section to arrange for a cake tasting. Unfortunately, we don’t do cake tastings for events other than weddings.

So why the name?

Melissa comes from the Greek word ‘Meli’ which means Honey Bee. My husband would call me ‘Bee’ or rather ‘Bytjie’ as a nickname. When the baking started taking over our kitchen on a regular basis, he started with ‘Heuning Bytjie Bakker’, which has quite a nice ring to it. But we decided on ‘Honey Bee Baker’ since Afrikaans won’t necessarily take us outside the borders of this country. Yes, we are dreaming big!