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Pre-Designed Cake Orders: 48h-72h notice depending on design, unless fully booked. Custom Cakes: 1-2 weeks notice

about the founder



Melissa is a qualified industrial engineer and self-taught baker. Strange combination, we know, but here’s her story…

Since childhood, she enjoyed taking over her mom’s kitchen by making chocolate tarts, malva pudding, and anything sweet. She would come home from school to find absolutely nothing sweet in their house, for those of you who know her mom, you’ll know why. Since there was nothing to curb her sweet tooth, she was compelled to create something from whatever was in the pantry. Oblivious to the fact that this would one day become her passion, she would quickly whip up a sweet treat every now and again.

As a student, this undiscovered passion of her took a back seat. Without mom’s equipment, cafeteria chocolates had to do.

After finishing her studies, she moved into her own place and her passion started to develop. She would frequently send baked goods to her now-husband’s workplace, just so she would not have to eat everything herself. One thing leads to another and she received her first order in October 2016.

And so, through the support of family and friends, Honey Bee Baker was born.

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